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In the framework of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures,which was celebrated in 2010, the Asia- Pacific (ASPA) group in UNESCO orga-nized a round table on "The Role of the Silk Road in the Rapprochement ofCultures". This round table was a members- driven initiative which intended tohighlight this subject in the context of UNESCO-related issues; the event comple-mented UNESCO's projects concerning the concept of routes in general and theSilk Road in particular, and built on UNESCO's results in this regard, in particularconcerning the notions of identity and heritage which the Organization has hith-erto highlighted. It focused on the Slk Road as a route of dialogue and provideda forum for the discussion of its diverse aspects and dimensions. The round tableenjoyed the participation of eminent scholars and specialists as well as expertsfrom the UNESCO Secretariat. The present volume comprises the proceedingsof the round table which, due to their richness, we hope can assist in enrichingcontemporary debates concerning the rapprochement of cultures 
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